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Know Your Moving Cost

Know your Moving Cost - Vanlinesmove Blog

Making a budget for your move is the foremost step of your moving plan. While evaluating the cost of your move, you will collect different moving quotes or moving estimates from various moving companies around. But before making any decision, it is better to understand multiple costs included in the moving quote.

We have listed all the factors new for you if you are hiring a moving company for the first time.
Hourly Rates

Each moving company has its fixed hourly rates, and there is a rise in the rate after every hour. It is a compulsory cost that you have to pay to the movers. Hourly rates for movers vary with the time of the day and also on the day of the week. During the night, hourly rates for movers are generally higher as compared to the daytime. Similarly, moving during the weekday will have lower hourly rates of movers than during the weekend.

Base Prices

Base price is the fixed amount that you have to pay for the moving services that you avail. It is the total cost for organizing the moving truck, and it is different from hourly rates. The base price for each moving company differs depending on the services they included and other factors like miles traveled, insurance, etc.

Truck Fee

When you book a moving service from a moving company, then you automatically hire a truck. This truck is for transporting your belongings to the destination. The truck fee is the cost of hiring it. It is preferred to hire a moving truck through the moving company instead of searching for a moving truck everywhere. It is a mandatory cost included in the moving quote.

Packing & Packing Supplies

The most moving company offer moving packages that include packing services. Packing is a hectic and tricky task and seems like a burden if you have a shortage of time. It is better to opt for a packing service during the move to have a stress-free moving experience with zero damage. Packing supplies are optional, as sometimes people prefer to use unused boxes and household items for packing. But if you want zero damage to your belongings, it is better to ask the packing crew to bring packing supplies. Its cost added to the moving estimate. Packing charges differ from company to company as some take per item charge and some hourly charge.

Shuttle Charges

Some of the residential areas and neighborhoods do not allow parking of moving trucks. Sometimes there is a narrow space for parking. Then, the moving company has to arrange a shuttle to carry items to the moving truck. So, before finalizing the moving estimate, inform the moving company about the parking situation and ask them about the charges for the shuttle.

Flight of Stairs

If you are moving in or out of the building with no elevator, then the moving process is a bit difficult and time taking. Movers have to carry all the items through the stairs. Most moving companies ask for this before preparing the moving estimate. If they don’t, then you should inform them. Moving the items through stairs adds extra cost to your moving estimate. Ensures that the additional cost is in the moving quote.

Large Items

We all have large items like appliances, safes, and furniture that require extra care and special handling during the move. Not all moving companies have moving equipment and devices to carry such items. So, all those companies moving large items; charge additional fees depending on the size of the item or its weight. These items should be listed in your inventory so that the moving quote generated will be accurate.

Last-Minute Charges

Changing the date of the move or adding some items to moving belongings at the last moment will charge you extra cost. Though, most moving companies are ready for such conditions. These changes might impact the planning and staffing. It affects the original moving estimate.

Moving cost is a critical aspect and understanding the core concept means each factor for which you will pay help you make it affordable. If you are planning a move soon, then this article will help you evaluate the moving cost. You can use Vanlines Move Moving Cost Calculator to estimate the approximate cost of your move with qualified professional movers in the USA.

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