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Planning to move from City to Suburbs

Planning to move from City to Suburbs

Are you planning to relocate from the city to the suburbs? Deciding to move from city to suburb is not only about the need for a larger interior area or no more requirement of living close to your city office. There is a complete change in the lifestyle as you move. But we can help you conveniently settle there. We have listed a few tips for you.

Business Hours are Limited

In cities, life is quite different, and you can assess various businesses, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, etc. whole night. The business hours in cities have no limited opening hours. While in the suburbs, the opening hours for businesses are limited. So, if you move into the suburbs, you are no longer accessible to midnight snacking and grocery shopping.

Housing costs are lower

The housing cost in the city is higher than the per square foot cost of a house in suburbs. If you move into the suburbs, you can buy a house at the cost you were paying as rent for an apartment in the city. It means you can own a home if you move into the suburbs.

Less walkable than cities

Cities offer more walkability than the suburbs, and you may have to look for alternate options to stay fit. In cities, you can walk to the stores, catch public transport, or grab a bite. But suburbs are less walkable, and you have to join a gym or other fitness programs to get an equal amount of exercise.

You may need a car

The transportation system in cities is well-developed, and it offers different modes of transportation for local travel. You can opt for any of these options- subways, buses, light rail, and cycle programs. The transportation infrastructure in the suburbs is less developed. Such a mode of transport might not run frequently in suburban areas. So, you will need a car once you move into the suburbs.

Shopping is different in suburbs

When you live in a city, you visit a grocery shop several times a week and will shop for groceries that you can carry while walking home. But when you relocate to the suburbs, you might end up going to the supermarket and will shop for a whole week's groceries at once. These shopping habits change and may affect your style of shopping.

Children might have to adjust

In cities, children have to go to parks and recreational centers to enjoy some activities. But the houses in the suburbs have enough open spaces with swing sets and other activity options. Not only this, most people prefer to live in the suburbs when they have children as they can provide them with all the best options in their growing age.

Moving from a city to a suburb can be challenging but it comes with several benefits. The change can affect you physically and emotionally. So, take all your time and plan your move accordingly.

Moving to a new location can be challenging, as there are so many things to plan like when to move, how to move, and what to take with you. All these issues can easily be resolved if you hire a full-service long-distance mover with Vanlines Move. We make every change simple for you.

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