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Moving With Pets? Be Ready With These Moving Tips

Moving With Pets

As we all know, moving can be tiring and emotionally difficult for everyone, and so it is difficult for pets. They are also affected by the sudden changes in their lives and new environment. But with certain precautions and tips, we can make this transition easy for them. Here in this article, we have listed a few moving and packing tips to make moving easy and safe for pets. Get your pets ready for the big change, and don’t worry about them.

Pick a pet-friendly neighborhood & home

When you find your home make sure that the neighborhood and home you choose is pet friendly. There must be proper space for them to play and walk. When you pick your dream home, make sure about the rules and laws of the neighborhood. Also, look out for aggressive dogs on the street to ensure your pet's safety.

Pack up an overnight kit

Just like the first-day survival kit for your move, you should pack an overnight survival kit for your pet. This kit must have pet food, toys, grooming tools, and other things that make them feel comfortable during the first few days in the new house.

Keep your pets away from the packing & moving area

Moving means changes that can result in a stressful environment for you and your pet. It is better to keep them away from the packing area. You can leave them in their kennel in an empty room or garage. Also, make sure they are comfortable with the environment like temperature. They must not feel lonely or excluded, so talk to them whenever possible. Do not break the routine at once, as it can affect them. So, take them for a walk, feed them, and talk to them as you usually do, even during the transition.

If you train your pet for the change, it might help them in adjusting to the new environment easily.

Provide them with secluded space

A house full of boxes and strange people can make your pet anxious. So, always schedule your pet relocation after you relocate the house. Set up the place as much as possible and create enough space for the pet. To let your pet adjust to the new house, first make them comfortable in a confined space in a particular room. Try to keep everything routine and make them feel at home.

Visit your vet before the relocation

If you are moving out of state or city, it is better to visit your vet. Inform them about the relocation and take the pet's medical records and medications. Also, take their suggestions for the pet to settle down in the new neighborhood. Take recommendations for a new vet in your neighborhood for later consultation.

Learn about the pet laws in new city/state

New city, new rules! When you move into a new city, try to get familiar with the new laws about pets like tying them with a leash, walking areas, defecating areas, and more. In apartments, pet laws are different for pets, and you need to include and mention the pet in your lease document. If your pet has a microchip or tag, then update these before you arrive in the new state or city.

Book a pet moving service

As mentioned, you must plan a pet moving service once you settle in your new home. By that time, be assured your pet is in safe hands and is living in pet-friendly accommodation. Hire a professional moving company, and safely relocate your pet. They ensure that the pet is well-fed and comfortable with its new environment.

Pet-proof your new home

Before your pet arrives in your new home, make sure the place is safe for them. Make your new house Pet-proof to avoid any unexpected hazards. Cover the balcony railing to ensure your pet cannot squeeze or jump over. Secure all the screens, gates, doors, and windows. Cover all the vents and escape routes. Keep away any poisonous plants or substances in the house to keep your pet safe. Keep your place clutter free so that pets have enough space and lesser chances to get harmed.

Make pets friendly with new home

Once your pet arrived at the new place, it is time to introduce them to their new home and neighborhood. Start the process slowly, and make them familiar with the house step by step. Take them for a walk throughout the home, and let them see and sniff everything to get used to it. Keep their routine intact and stay with them for a longer time for the first week of their arrival. Interact with them and give them proper attention.

If you plan your relocation with a pet, you can leave their relocation to the experts. Connect with Vanlines Move- we will move your house from one state to another and your pet as well.

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Moving Soon? 5 ways to announce you are moving

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Moving Soon? 5 ways to announce you are moving

Moving Soon? 5 ways to announce you are moving

Moving is a big change in life, and you’ll want to share the news of your move with your family, friends, neighbors, etc. When you move your house, your whole life moves out, and everything changes. You need the support and care of your loved ones while going through a stressful period.

Though the best way to share the news of your move is by telling them face to face. But it is impossible to visit everyone as you have a lot of work to do. So, how will you inform your family and friends about the address change and when you will be moving?

There is no limit to the options for announcing that you are moving, like social media, custom announcement cards, and more. Now, you have to pick a suitable way for the moving announcement. For your help, we have listed several ideas for announcing the move and answered why it is important to make the announcement.

Why is it important to announce you are moving?

Moving announcements are a convenient approach to notifying important people about your relocation. The moving announcement must include the moving date and new address. In announcements, you can ask them for their help in your move. Moving announcements are important as they will help you in-

· Keeping your family and friends in touch with you

· Sharing the details of your move- like moving date, time, and new address so they can reach out.

· Saying goodbyes if your family and friends live in the same city and you are moving away.

· Lending a helping hand while relocating and while moving into the new house.

The next thing to remember is when to send the moving announcements. And the quick answer to this question is as early as possible. This will give you sufficient time to say goodbye to your family and friends and organize goodbye parties. It will also allow them to schedule their work, and they can help you with packing and stuff. If you decide to announce the earlies, you can also manage your time to share the news personally by visiting them. You can share the news of your move with your coworker 1-2 weeks before the move.

Finally, we have reached the question: How to announce that you are moving?

As mentioned, there are several ways to announce that you are moving. Here are the five best ways to announce that you are moving-

· Moving Cards Announcements

Moving card announcements are the traditional way of sharing the news of moving. Earlier, people send moving house announcements via mail to their family and friends. This way of moving house announcements is highly appreciated as they have the warmth of closeness. People will recognize that you have made efforts to share your big news. You can buy cards from the store and add a personal message to the cards. You can get personalized moving house announcement cards for your family and friends.

· E-Cards for Moving Announcements

Digital mode is one other way of announcing the news. Traditional moving card announcements are convenient for people living in the same city or someplace nearby. But if your family and friends live in another state, then e-cards of moving house announcement is perfect. There are several types of e-cards for moving announcements available online. You can select one and share the news of your move with your friends and family via email. If you wish, you can customize these e-cards online and then share them with your loved ones. If you are short on time, you can drop an email with all the necessary details of your move and a little goodbye message to your family and friends.

· We’re Moving the Video

Making a video to announce that you are moving is another way. You can make a video in which you announce- “We’re Moving” and share all the details of your move. You can leave some messages for your family and friends in that video. Though moving is a big step, you might have mixed feelings. With the video, you can share your feelings and thoughts about the changes you will face after moving out. You can share this video via email, youtube, or personalized messaging.

· Social Media

Social media is the trending way of sharing all kinds of information- personal or professional. You can also rely on this to announce that you are moving. You can create posts and videos with the announcement and make them live on your social media. With social media posts, all your acquaintances will get the news that you are moving. In the announcement, you can mention the moving date and what will be your new address. Make your posts creative by adding photos of your new home, directions to your new address, etc. It is the fastest mode of sharing the announcement.

· Hosting Goodbye Parties

Saying goodbyes are harder. But with moving away or goodbye parties, you can say it with some fun. Though, these parties are not about the announcement. At the goodbye party, you can gather all your friends and family. You can spend some quality time together, share your feelings and make plans for the new journey. Such parties create new memories that will smile at you while

you feel low. You can give parting gifts to your friends and family if you want. Host such parties to create memories with fun, emotions, and food.

We hope you will use any of these methods to announce that you are moving and book a full-service moving company with Vanlines Move. If you are moving and looking for any moving service, feel free to get a free moving quote online.

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Facts About Transporting A Car

Facts About Transporting A Car

Are you moving out of state for a new job or college and trying to get your car with you? If yes, you can ask a professional car transportation company to handle this job. Several companies transport cars within the state and also out of state. They aim to provide hassle-free, wear & tear free transport of car anywhere you want. But there are a few facts that you might not be aware of about car transportation. Here, we have listed all the facts with detailed explanations.

· Only basic details are sufficient to get a car transportation quote

When you decide to transport your car while relocating, you will need to book a professional company. To find the best company for shipping your car; you need to connect with different companies. When you visit the websites of such companies, they ask for your moving information and offer you free moving estimates. This is where you are more concerned, providing a bunch of private information. But that's not right, as you can only share your moving info like- your name and a source of contact. You can provide information like moving from, moving to, car make and model, and estimated date of your move. So don’t worry; find the best professional online by comparing multiple car transportation quotes.

· A car need not be running while transporting

If you are transporting your car, it doesn't need to be running. Car transportation companies can transport both operable and inoperable cars. Most car shipping companies ask you to quarter-fill your car gas tank as they will drive the car onto the container. And if your car is inoperable, they will use a special car carrier to pull your car onto the carrier vehicle. Though this can be costly, it is better for the safety of the car in transit.

· Save some money while transporting your car

You know that driving a car to some new state is not feasible. If you drive it on your own, it can wear you off and affect the condition of the car. And this can be cost-effective as well. But there is a cost-efficient way of transporting your car by hiring a professional car transportation company. Shipping a car can save you the money you will invest in gas, maintaining the car for the long run, and hiring someone to drive your car. And when it reaches the destination, its engine and tires might be badly worn off. With a car transportation company, all these costs are saved and you are free from any kind of stress.

· Transport car of any type

Do you own a luxury car and planning to relocate it with you? If yes, you need not worry about transportation. Car transportation companies transport different types of cars irrespective of their make or model. Car transportation companies at Vanlines Move can transport any type of car anywhere across the USA. You can transport a car of any make and model with assured safety and security.

Are you ready to get your car transported to your new address? Start the process to connect with a reliable car transportation company with Vanlines Move. Visit our website fill in the form, and connect with your car transportation partner within seconds. Save money, save time and enjoy your relocation with us.

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Hiring a Heavy Haul Transport Company? Remember these points

Hiring a Heavy Haul Transport Company - Vanlinesmove

Moving types of machinery and appliances for an industry is a work of commitment. On-time delivery and no damage while relocating are the two main priorities as this can affect the project works and business. Though moving such heavy equipment is highly complex and several regulations adhere to it. Each state has its regulations for transporting heavy equipment. If you are planning to relocate the heavy equipment of your industry then hire a team of experts to stay away from stress.

A full-service heavy equipment transport service will be the best option as the professionals will plan the loading, unloading, and hauling. A licensed experienced haul truck driver will transport the equipment. The purpose of hiring a team of experts is to avoid any hassle and let the transition be completed smoothly. But how can you decide which team is perfect for your heavy equipment transportation?

Here, in this piece of writing we have listed out the points that every industry should keep in mind while booking heavy equipment moving services:

· Right Equipment for Heavy Equipment Move

Each heavy equipment moving company serves different industries, and they have specific equipment as per the requirement. Different types of equipment mean different load size, and so does the equipment and truck size. Various types of trailers can be used to transport oversized equipment. To transport such heavy equipment of different sizes companies can use trailers like removable gooseneck trailers, flatbed trailers, multiple axel trailers, stretch trailers, etc. So, before booking the moving company, make sure that they have the right sized and type of trailer for your equipment transport.

· Heavy Equipment Move Insurance

Before hiring the heavy equipment transport company, make sure that they have appropriate insurance. As we know, large-sized appliances and equipment can be a huge liability. So, if there is any accident while moving heavy equipment, does the moving company be able to cover the cost? Other than the insurance, several certifications and permits are required to perform heavy equipment hauling. While booking the company, make sure they have all the certifications, and permits according to the local and state standard.

· Heavy Equipment Move Safety Measures

It is necessary to check the safety records of the heavy equipment moving company. Take check whether the moving company is doing regular maintenance of the trucks for their mechanics including engine health, horns, brakes, etc. The next thing is carefully loading the equipment. Each heavy equipment moving company needs to use the right trailer and related moving equipment. Also, make sure that the company stays adhered to the service regulation hours. All these safety measures should be taken by all the heavy equipment moving companies.

· Transparency in Pricing and Contract

A good heavy equipment moving company must be transparent in all ways. They should answer every query and must provide valid information. Always hire a moving company that is easy to approach and provides accurate details about the costs involved in shipping. When you book a moving company, you have to sign a moving contract. And there are a few points you should keep in mind before signing any contract or agreement. Each agreement should specify the services they are offering, the capacity of the load, insurance coverage, timeline, and most important shipping cost and related fees.

· Company Service Area

Most moving companies have defined territory meaning they can operate within specific regional boundaries. If you book heavy equipment moving company that is local then you might need special permits and pay additional fees to take your equipment over long distances. Make sure about the service areas of the moving company before signing any contract or agreement.

If you are looking for a heavy equipment transportation company, connect with Vanlines Move. We will connect you with the best team of professionals who can handle your moving requirements. Make sure you verify everything as mentioned later to get a stress-free relocation process.

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