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No Movers Available On Preferred Moving Date- Do These Things

No Movers Available On Preferred Moving Date

While planning a move, it is crucially important to book a moving company on your preferred moving date. It is better to book the moving companies and professionals before your move. But there are many reasons you cannot find the moving company on your preferred moving date and leaving you in stressful condition with a question what to do now. Your whole move plan depends on the moving date, and any changes can affect everything, specifically your moving budget.

But this does not mean you give up the idea of hiring a full-service moving company for your move. If you are not able to get your preferred moving date, you can opt for some other options listed here:

Ask for an extension on your Home Lease:

If you live in an apartment or home on a lease, then this is the time to ask them for an extension on the lease term. There are different regulations for extending the lease term, and the only impossible task is to negotiate with the landlord or leasing agent.

You can emphasize you are a responsible and reliable tenant, and they can consider a genuine request you are making. Get your lease extended on a month-to-month basis as per the time you need to live at the same property.

Rent the same house:

If you have provided the termination notice to your landlord or leasing agent, you can ask them to rent the same apartment or house. It will be helpful as you can live in the same home or apartment until the next moving date with complete authorization. You can have the possession for a longer duration, and you have to pay mortgage amount, property taxes, and property insurance to the owner.

Selling your property? Change the closing date:

If you have decided to sell your house before moving and still not getting the preferred moving date, it is better to ask the realtor to push the closing date ahead. It is not a difficult situation as some other factors might delay the closing. You can compromise with the buyer on such issues.

It is always better to consider an extended moving date. Because if you are moving into a new home, it might take time for renovation and furnishing. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find a suitable moving date.

Get Alternative Work Arrangement:

Moving to a new location for work might and unable to find a moving company on a preferred moving date might affect your work and pocket. In this condition, you can ask HR to provide a modified work arrangement so that you can make some money until you move. Most of the companies these days consider the case and show flexibility in work arrangements. If some conditions your HR couldn’t help, you can find a part-time job at the location until your moving date.

The best way to avoid the situation is to book your movers 3-4 months before your moving date. Opting for a DIY move is still not a better solution for the problem. Hiring a full-service moving company is better as it will eliminate the stress and saves your time. As everything is in the hands of professionals, you can trust them with your belongings.

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