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Planning a Move in Winter? Pros & Cons

Planning a Move in Winter

The peak season for moving is from April to September. According to the statistics, 80% of Americans move during this period. It is the preferable time of the year for moving because of various reasons. But they have not considered a winter move which has several benefits. Or maybe they do not know these benefits that will help them save some money. Moving in winter can be challenging for some people as carrying, loading, and unloading heavy boxes in the lowest temperatures is not easy.

Planning a winter move has both pros and cons. We can help you decide whether to move or not during the winter. And we can also help you find a professional mover for your long-distance move without any trouble.

Pros of Moving in Winter

Pick Your Moving Date- Winter is a less popular season for moving, and you can pick your moving date. The moving companies in winter are available easily as they have less business during the season. You can choose the moving date as per your availability and choice. Also, it is convenient to modify the moving date if you have to for some reason.

Housing at cheaper rates- Either you are buying a home or looking for rent, winter is the season with lesser competition. Some fewer people plan to buy a home in winter or move in winter, so the rates for purchasing a home are lower. When you buy a house in winter, you are more likely to pay 10% less than what you will pay if you buy a home in summer/spring.

Cool Weather- During the summer move, you feel exhausted and dehydrated. But if you move during the winter, you can avoid all heat-related problems. The cold weather also protects your belongings that might get affected by overheating. Items like candles, soaps, and records will remain safe during the move.  

Lower moving rates- Moving companies have greater availability during the winter they observe an off-season. And as a result, they are more likely to drop their moving rates. The moving companies strive to win the business, and they will go at the lowest rates.

Faster relocation- Moving during winter is speedy than in other seasons. The reason for a quick relocation during the winter is the less jam-packed highways. Because of snow, the routes are less-packed, and there are fewer people on the road. Less traffic means faster speed to reach the destination.

Cons of Moving in Winter

Snow & Cold Temperature- Moving during cold weather is better as you can avoid the damage and health issues related to scorching heat. But freezing temperatures and blowing snow can make the moving job difficult. Snow on the ground makes it slippery, and it is risky to move heavy items. It is unsafe to drive a truck in snow or to move a box in the snow.

Miss the holiday season- Winter is all about holiday celebrations and enjoying with family and friends. So, if you plan a move in winter, you might miss the holiday celebrations, fun and wonderful time of the year.

Mid-Semester school change- If you are moving in winter with children in school, they have to change the school between the semesters. It will affect the studies and interrupt their school year. You can make it easier if you plan a move after the school year.

Travel is difficult- Travelling in winter is difficult because of the snow piled up on the roads and compromised visibility. So, if you are moving from one state to another, you can take help from someone professional in driving.

Moisture damage- Though the winter move saves the items from melting, it might damage some items because of the moisture. Snow and storm can damage the furniture and other belongings during the move. So, ask your mover to wrap the belongings accordingly.

If you are planning a move in winter, we will suggest you hire a professional moving company. They will ensure a safe and secure cross-country move even during the risky winters. You can make your move simple and comforting by hiring a moving company with Vanlines Move. To get a moving quote, you can visit us at www.vanlinesmove.com.

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