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10 Things Your Mover Would not Move

10 Things Your Mover Won’t Move

When you hire a moving company, you expect them to move everything you have in your house. But this is not possible, as there are several items that professional movers do not allow on moving trucks. Though some household items moving companies will not move like food and perishable items.

We have listed all the items that your professional moving company will not move.
  • Hazardous Items

Your garage has some household chemicals and hazardous materials, and moving companies will not load in a truck. Such items include- fertilizers, pesticides, paints, charcoal, etc. Discard them in the hazardous material dump areas. If you are moving over long-distance, get rid of all such items and buy a new one at the new location. If you are moving locally, then you can carry these items in your car.

  • Flammables and Explosives

Movers won’t move anything flammable like gasoline, aerosols, and motor oil. If any of the liquid or fumes spill and will ignite, that can be highly dangerous.

  • Valuables & Personal Items

You should carry your money, jewelry, and all items with sentimental and monetary value yourself. Moving companies prefer not to transport such things because of the risk of losing. Take them with you as movers’ insurance cannot cover the sentimental value.

  • Pets

The moving company cannot take any pets on their truck. You have to take your pets with you in your car or plane. You can also hire a pet relocation company to take your pet to a new location.

  • Plants

If you are planning a local move, you can contact some local mover who will relocate your plants. But if you are moving over long-distance, then it is not possible, as it is illegal to move living plants more than 150 miles without a license. There is a risk of getting pests on the plant that will infect the new location. 

  • Scuba Tanks

Moving companies do not allow your scuba tank on their truck. It is composed of highly pressurized oxygen and other gas mixtures. Under unfortunate conditions, the pressurized air can explode and can be dangerous.

  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish Removers

Movers won’t move your nail polish and nail polish remover. These items are highly flammable and should be handled with care while relocating. If you are moving over a long-distance, we suggest you get rid of these and buy a new one when you reach your new home.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals, and moving companies do not allow such chemicals on their moving truck. Some other related items include pool chemicals, acids, etc.

  • Deodorants and Hair Spray

Deodorants and hair sprays have compressed gases and chemicals that are highly flammable. All these items are not allowed on the moving truck.

  • Car Batteries

Car batteries have a liquid that can deteriorate the fabrics and corrode other items if it leaks. Therefore, moving companies does not allow car batteries on moving truck.

Mark these things on your list of inventories and take care of these items by yourself. Consult with your moving company if you need any suggestions. You can contact professional moving companies with Vanlines Move for safe and secure moving.

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