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Full-Service Moving v/s Moving PODS- Simplify Your Move

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If you are planning a move, you have multiple options, and you have to pick one that suits your moving requirements and budget. While looking up for your local or long-distance relocation solution, you will prefer a service with less hassle and more safety.

There are numerous moving solutions for interstate or local move, but the two highly preferred options are full-service moving or portable moving containers. Portable moving containers have different names like mobile storages, minivans, PODS, and more. Here we are going to discuss the moving PODS and full-service moving, which are highly recommended options.

Why hire a full-service moving company?

Moving companies provide an all-in-one moving package for all types of relocations, which is full-service moving. Full-service movers provide all the required services, viz. packing, loading and unloading, and licensed driver and truck. A full-service move has many benefits that make the relocation process simple and efficient. Many reasons compel people to hire full-service movers for their local or long-distance moves.

  • Minimize your stress

When you hire a full-service moving company, you are free from the stress as now the moving company is responsible for everything. A team of professional movers arrives at the location with a truck and licensed driver. They will carry packing supplies, packing tools, and moving tools with them. They will pack your belongings, load them in the truck, and a licensed drive will drive your items to the destination. Then at the destination, the moving company team will unload the belongings. So, full-service movers will make your move pleasant and relaxing.  

  • Reduced risk of injury or damage

As the moving company is responsible for loading and unloading the belongings, you won’t have to lift anything. Professionals from the moving company will use moving equipment and tools to minimize the risk of physical injury. It will also ensure damage-free loading and unloading. You are free from getting injured, and watch the experts doing it for you.

  • On-time delivery

A full-service moving company might not follow the timeline you set for your move, but they ensure on-time delivery of your belongings. They have their timeline according to which they complete your moving process on time. The professionals will perform their tasks with complete efficiency and with no wastage of time.

  • All-in-one cost for Full-service move

When you ask moving companies for the cost of a full-service move, then you might think of it as pricey. But the given moving estimate is a sum of multiple fees that are inclusive in the full-service moving. There is the cost of packing and moving supplies, truck rent, size of the moving property, total distance covered, and cost of disassembling & reassembling appliances and furniture.

Why rent moving PODS?

Moving PODS means Portable on Demand Storage is another highly recommended option for moving. PODS are the best option for those who are preparing for a local or long-distance move. There is different size of PODS that are available for moving. With moving PODS service, you will only get the container, all you have to by yourself. 

  • Moving PODS as storage

Moving PODS work efficiently, as they are the best fit for storing the items before moving, during moving, or even after the move. They can be best for storage because of their size, but the only thing to worry about is the arrangement to be made with a relocation company for pick up and drop. Make arrangements for storage in advance if you want to hire moving PODS. 

  • Flexible with timeline

Planning a move by hiring Moving PODS is easier when you want a flexible timeline for your move. You need to pay the extra fees to keep the PODs for a longer duration before moving them to your destination.

  • Similar to DIY move

Moving PODS is helpful for storage and moving. But moving with PODS is similar to the DIY move, where you have to do all the moving tasks yourself. You have to pack, load, and unload the belongings by yourself. It increases the risk of damage and injuries. The only thing the moving company will do for you is picking p the POD from the storage space and drop-off at the destination. PODS are the best option for the DIY move though it is full of stress and risks.

  • Saving on moving cost

Though renting a moving POD might save you money in comparison to full-service moving. But there are additional charges that will affect your budget. Like you have to rent a storage space if you have no storage space in your residential area.

Which will you pick?

The final decision depends on your budget, preferences, and requirements. Hiring a full-service moving company may be the best solution for your move as you have nothing to worry about and you have enough time to handle your things. For a long-distance move, hiring a full-service moving is cost-effective and manageable.

Moving PODS is a better option when you want to have a DIY move, with a pick-up and drop-off facility by a moving company. Hiring moving PODS can be cheaper, but there are few problems with it like, you must have a storage unit or space, you are responsible for packing, loading, and unloading.

So, with all these pros and cons you can make a better decision about your move.

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